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Texas Business Auto Insurance – Texas Commercial Auto Insurance – Houston Dallas Austin San Antonio

Commercial Auto Insurance

Texas commercial automobile insurance policy is required under most circumstances when the vehicle is used for business purposes and meets certain other requirements. It is not just the registration or vehicle type that determines the rates for a business automobile insurance policy. Most commercial or business auto rates are based on type of  vehicle, type of hauling goods for hire or not for hire, and gross vehicle weight of the vehicle, radius of operation, driving records, claim history etc.. . Some small trucks can be owned and insured under a personal automobile insurance policy under specific circumstances.

Commercial automobile insurance policies are not regulated in pricing, as are private passenger policies. There is price competition between insurance companies for good commercial automobile insurance.

Commercial auto insurance helps cover the costs of an auto accident if you or an employee is at fault. This coverage can help pay for damaged property and medical expenses – even in the event of a fatal accident. Running a business without a commercial auto insurance might put you out business in case of a major law suit. Serving Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, El Paso, San Antonio, Plano, Amarillo, Galveston, Waco, Corpus Christi, Brownsville and all throughout State of Texas.

Commercial auto insurance can help protect business owners and their companies if, for example:

  • An employee hits a pedestrian while driving one of the business vehicles. The pedestrian requires medical treatment that results in large medical bills.
  • You swerve off the road while driving to work in a company vehicle and take out a residential mailbox.
  • An employee driving to work in a company vehicle hits another car and totals it.
Protect your business, Get a commercial car insurance quote today to learn how you can protect your small business while on the road.

Who Needs Commercial Auto Insurance?

Consider commercial auto insurance if your business:
  • Owns, leases, or rents vehicles such as cars and trucks.
  • Has employees who drive their own vehicles to conduct business.
  • Has employees who operate leased, rented, or owned company vehicles.

Business Vehicle Insurance Types:

We offer business vehicle insurance for almost any type of business. Learn more about available discounts of coverage and build a policy to match all your business vehicle insurance needs. Some of the most Texas commercial auto business insurance that we offer;

  • AC & Heating Auto Insurance
  • Auto Hauler Truck Insurance
  • Carpenter Auto insurance
  • Catering Auto Insurance
  • Contractors Truck insurance
  • Courier Insurance
  • Container Hauler Insurance
  • Dirt Sand Gravel insurance
  • Delivery Drivers Auto Insurance
  • Dump Truck Insurance
  • Electrician Auto Insurance
  • Farm Vehicle insurance
  • Food Service Insurance
  • Fleet Business auto insurance
  • Ice Cream Truck Insurance
  • Landscaping Truck insurance
  • Limo Insurance
  • Motor Carrier Insurance
  • Painters Insurance
  • Plumber Insurance
  • Passenger Transport Insurance
  • Realtor Auto Insurance
  • Roofers Auto Insurance
  • Pizza Delivery Insurance
  • Tow Trucks insurance
  • And many more

Commercial Auto Insurance Basics:

As a private Texas Carrier, you are responsible for hauling goods in your own truck for your company or employer. Whether you’re working in construction, excavation, manufacturing, delivery or any other private carrier capacity, we have commercial truck insurance solutions for you.

  • PRIMARY LIABILITY – Every Texas commercial trucker/trucking company who operates under their own authority is required to carry primary liability coverage on all owned units and either provide this insurance for their leased vehicles or insure that the leased operator carries it on their own.  Generally, the motor carrier provides this coverage for the leased operators but there are rare instances when this is not the case.
  • CARGO INSURANCE – Provides coverage for loss or damage to the property a truck is transporting (the load).  Generally, though not always, provided by the motor carrier for leased operators.
  • PHYSICAL DAMAGE – (Comprehensive, Collision, or Specified Perils) – Provides coverage for repair or replacement for damage resulting from a covered loss (collision, fire, theft, hail, windstorm, earthquake, flood, mischief, or vandalism) to owned vehicles or business auto.

With more than 30 years of combined commercial insurance experience, you can trust ABC Insurance Services for your commercial vehicle insurance needs. We offer commercial auto insurance from well know insurance companies. An A  rated truck insurer in America. Contact us and get a free commercial auto insurance quote today, apply online and see how much you can save you.

We ABC Insurance Services, Inc. are based in Houston, Texas since 1988, but we do offer commercial auto insurance in the State of Texas including all major cities like Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Brownsville, Tyler and many more.