Houston, Texas insurance

As an Independent Texas Insurance Agency…

Our job at ABC Insurance Services is to help you shop different markets and multiple companies to find the best possible rates and coverage to satisfy your insurance needs.

Our mission, however, is:

  • To educate our customers about the products, their options and the insurance process in order to empower them to make informed decisions;
  • To provide prompt, friendly, expert customer service and support that exceeds expectations and earns the faith and continued business of our clients;
  • To consistently represent the best interests and financial concerns of our customers - whether shopping for a quote or taking a customer through the claims process;
  • To continuously seek out new top-level providers to add to our network;
  • To continuously educate our agents and representatives with the most current information possible on the companies in our network, the various insurance products available, the local and national insurance market, new laws and standards; as well as the general ongoing professional education necessary to provide the expert advice and information that our customers have the right to expect;
  • To provide customers with the best insurance coverage possible, at the lowest insurance rates available.