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Affordable Texas Surety & Fidelity Bonds

surety bondsAs a part of ABC Insurance Services' comprehensive line of Business coverage, we offer a full range of Surety & Fidelity Bonds.

Established in 1988, ABC Insurance Services is one of the largest surety bond agencies in Houston and the State of Texas. We have the expertise to provide you with fast approval and hassle free service for all your surety bond needs. We can issue Texas bonds on a variety of risks,regardless of your credit profile. Our business isgetting you the Texas Surety bonds necessary to satisfy all of your business needs. With ABC Insurance services, you can count on fast approval and the lowest prices in the industry. We can always get you approved with the lowest rates, it's what we do.

We offer A-rated surety bonds for all risks.

ABC InsuranceServices provides affordable Texas surety bonds and fidelity bond insurance. Every Texas surety bond is prepared on a specific bond form, as prescribed by the entity requiring the bonding (known as the Obligee).

Please click on any of the titles below to be directed to our secure Surety and Fidelity Bond pages.

  • Texas Auto Dealer Bond
  • Texas Lost Title Bond
  • Texas Dishonesty Bond
  • Texas Liquor Bond (TABC)
  • Texas Sales Tax Bond
  • Texas Vendor Bond
  • Texas Permit Bond
  • Texas Medicare Bond
  • Probate Bond
  • Texas Custodian Bond
  • Texas Construction Bond
  • Texas Bid & Performance Bond

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